Summer Events

Please visit "Places of Interest" for more attractions and other seasonal events. See map for specific locations. Entry fees may apply.

Fishing, fishing charters and canoes are available at Pigeon Bay. Click on "Places of Interest" at left for a list of places to birdwatch, walk, hike and bike.

Both a beach and Lakeside Park are within walking distance of Pigeon Bay; Cedar Beach is a 10 minute drive west and Seacliffe Park and beach are an 8 minute drive east.

Country Fairs


  • Strawberry Festival, LaSalle
  • Leamington Fair, Leamington


  • Essex Fun Fest, Essex
  • Sunsplash, Lakeview Park, Belle River


  • Heritage Festival, King's Navy Yard Park, Amherstburg
  • Comber Fair, Comber
  • Leamington Tomato Festival, Leamington
  • Tecumseh Corn Fest, Tecumseh
  • Harrow Fair, Harrow


All Summer

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